Fuel-Tek Marine CAL-5



cal5_200.jpg - 29552 Bytesftmarine_100.jpg - 5219 Bytes CAL-5 is a combustion manager that is formulated to address combustion side fuel problems, low lubricity, tank side storage problems, and fuel algae. CAL-5 is a multifuntional additive package designed to address every conceivable fuel storage and handling problem encountered in the marine industry.

CAL-5 combines the combustion side characteristics of C-5, the tank side components of CL-5, and our proprietary FAB-20 technology for the most complete fuel treatment available. CAL-5 contains numerous multi-functional components, (surfactants, non-ionic dispersants, lubricity agents, and Organic Combustion catalysts), that remove carbon deposits from the combustion surfaces, disperse water, dissolve sludge, prevent corrosion, lubricate the entire fuel system, and remove fuel algae from fuel storage tanks. CAL-5 is designed and recommended for diesel application only.

CAL-5 benefits include: elimination of soot in the exhaust stream along with reduced emissions, lubrication of the fuel system, extended filter life, disperses water, dissolves sludge, protects "O" rings, prevents tank-side corrosion, removes varnish and deposits from injectors, and increases power and performance. These characteristics make it the most effective fuel treatment product available for both commercial and recreational applications.

One gallon of CAL-5 will treat 5,000 gallons of fuel. The dosage rate is 1 fluid ounce to 40 gallons of fuel. It is available in one gallon and 16-ounce containers. A 16-ounce container will treat 640 gallons.

CAL-5 is intended as a tank side fuel treatment for #2 diesel through #6 oil. Due to the unique nature and action of the active ingredients the dosage rate is the same for all. CAL-5 is a combustion side burn rate modifier that promotes a complete burn of the fuel in the combustion chamber. In addition, it provides maximum protection for equipment and fuel storage tanks.

CAL-5 is the ultimate marine fuel maintenance product. If fuel algae, bacteria, or fungi are present, CAL-5 is recommended. If you have any questions regarding the correct application of FUEL-TEK products please call and a company representative will be happy to assist you.

CAL-5 is only available in 1:5,000 ratio.

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