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This is a shot of a 1995 Peterbuilt truck powered by a CAT 379 3406E. The truck is owned by Dick Glaze of Route 66 Logistics in Joplin, MO.

"I began adding FUEL-TEK C-5 at each fueling and I can report that the carbon build-up has decreased and my 1995 Peterbilt, 379 Cat engine has shown an increase of 1.0 mpg. Fuel-Tek has improved the engine performance in gaining a gear in pulling grades. The engine runs smoother and struggles less."

Dick A. Glaze

"A friend of mine in Sarasota gave me a sample of the FUEL-TEK MARINE CAL-5 last year. I treated the fuel in my 3406-B 460 CAT powered 1993 Peterbuilt and headed North. By the time I got to Atlanta I thought I was driving a completely different truck. The fuel mileage has improved from 4.5 mpg to over 5.5 mpg and I can feel the added power while pulling grades. I have since purchased a different trailer. With this change and the use of Fuel-Tek my mileage has jumped to over 6.6 mpg. With the high fuel prices we are experiencing, the FUEL-TEK product continues to keep me profitable and more competitive. I have been in the trucking business for 35 years and I have never seen a product like this. Thanks!

Clyde Richards
C & A Richards Trucking
Bernvill, PA

"Steve I just thought that you might like to know that the product that you are producing has made a signifigant and tangible reduction in the level of soot contamination of the crankcase oil.

I began using the "CL-5" additive, using your recommendation of 1 ounce to 40 gallons of fuel during the last week of December, 1999. Before beginning the use of your product I drained the crankcase, changed all the filters, and drew a sample of the drain oil for testing by a Caterpillar certified laboratory. This established a baseline number for comparison testing. I am running an extended drain interval of 40,000 miles using a major petroleum based oil. At the present time the engine has 310,000 miles on it and the oil analysis has consistantly reflected a reduction of 25 to 35% less contamination less than the baseline numbers established at the time that I began using your product. As I am running an extended drain interval of 40,000 miles soot contamination of the crankcase oil is a very important consideration.

At 201,000 miles, after using your product for approximately 1 year, the engine developed an exhaust manifold leak. Caterpillar resealed the manifold and at the time the work was done we were able to inspect the sleeves inside the exhaust runners. Generally the sleeves will have a build-up of 1/8th to 1/4 inch of carbon build up. We were quite surprised to find that the sleeves were only coated with a very light coating of soot. The coating was so small that it would have been impossible to measure.

One of the main considerations in the operation of a large bore diesel is exhaust smoke. I can reasure you without a doubt that the visible smoke during operation has been signifigantly reduced. I.E. Less visible smoke! A real plus in our increasingly stringent standards for exhaust opacity. As smoke is unburned fuel, I am very glad to be burning the fuel in the engine as opposed to blowing it out the exhaust!

Norm Hopkins

Phoenix, Az.

"I drive a Peterbuilt powered by a 600 H/P CAT 3406E 15.8 liter engine. I started using the Fuel-Tek CL-5 product in 1999. Although power has never been an issue I can say that I can see a major difference when I use it. On a recent trip I ran out of product and decided to give one of the well-known products, usually found at truck stops, another try. By the time I got home my fuel mileage had dropped by a half mile to the gallon. I have seen other benefits in addition to the improved fuel economy.

Since using the Fuel-Tek product I have logged over 456,000 miles without a single fuel filter related problem. A friend of mine, who also uses the CL-5 product, told me he thinks we are wasting money changing them-the filters stay so clean.

Recently I had to have an exhaust manifold gasket replaced at Dean Machinery, the CAT Dealership in Kansas City. While working on the engine the service technician shoved a rag into the exhaust ports, rubbed it around and the rag came out clean. He looked at me with a puzzled look and asked, "what have you been doing to this engine?" I replied, "nothing." He said, "I work on these every day and none look like this-you're doing something." Then I admitted that I had been using Fuel-Tek CL-5. He said, "if it does this, keep using it."

Eric & Pam Davis
Burlington Junction, MO

"I have been using the Fuel-Tek CL-5 product for over a year. In addition to the increase in fuel mileage, I have also noticed an increase in power. Even with extended oil change intervals, oil analysis shows a decrease in soot and wear metals. My fuel filter stays so clean that I feel guilty when I change it although I have extended that replacement interval as well. The Fuel-Tek product has become an integral part of my preventative maintenance program. Thanks for a great product. It keeps me both profitable and competitive."

John Ullrich

Cross Plains, Texas

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