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This is a close up of a V-8 engine out of a school bus that was operated on the FUEL-TEK CL-5 product for a short time. The engine was removed and taken apart prior to the complete conditioning period. The photograph shows how the CL-5 was beginning to remove all of the carbon from the combustion surfaces. You can also see how easily the carbon is wiped off using a dry rag.

“The City…has experienced a decrease of particulates (black smoke) from our diesel equipment, mainly garbage trucks. Even with product cost we should see an approximate four (4) cents per gallon savings.”

Charles R. Langley
City Engineer/Director of Public Works

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“We have randomly removed injectors after 40,000 miles and have been continually impressed with their cleanliness. We did not replace one injector during the last season. Injector problems are a thing of the past. We have eliminated the smoking complaints as a result of cleaner running engines and the fuel sludge problem has vanished.”

Steve O. Ogle
Service Center Coordinator

“The test results provided… after treatment with your product showed a dramatic improvement in fuel economy. For the amount of reduction in CO2 shown in this test, engine out data from converter efficiency testing would have been tremendous. The amount of CO2 reduction shown after treatment was very impressive. A measured fuel meter would also have shown a major improvement.” (C-5 Test on Gasoline).

Ben W. Welsh
Emissions Lab Manager

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