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The photograph above is from an evaluation of the C-5 product conducted with the City of Leesburg, Florida on Garbage trucks in 1992. These vehicles were selected because their work habits represent a worst case scenario (stop & go with high idle time).

As part of the test, smoke reduction was documented by inserting a 25 micron filter in the exhaust gas sample hose. This allowed soot in the exhaust stream to be captured prior to interring the diagnostic equipment. The soot represents visible smoke.

A new filter was installed at the beginning of each test segment. The baseline filter trap on the left was subjected to engine exhaust for fifty-one total minutes from five separate vehicles operating on untreated fuel.

The treated segment filter on the right was subjected to engine exhaust from the same five vehicles for a total of fifty-four minutes.

This side by side comparison shows the dramatic improvement normally associated with the use of FUEL-TEK products.

“The City…has experienced a decrease of particulates (black smoke) from our diesel equipment, mainly garbage trucks. Even with product cost we should see an approximate four (4) cents per gallon savings.”

Charles R. Langley
City Engineer/Director of Public Works

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