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"Using Fueltek has reduced the soot on the transom to almost nothing. Prior to using Fueltek, after a day's run, when you washed the transom, it was extremely dirty. Now, there is virtually no build-up soot at all. This is truly a remarkable product.."

Dan Robuck
52' Viking "Renegade"

"Florida-based Fuel-Tek has developed a new fuel conditioner specially designed for the marine market - Fuel-Tek Marine CAL-5 - a multifunctional additive package. The product addresses every fuel storage and handling problem encountered within the maritime industry."

Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

May 2000 (Marine fuels, Lubricants & Additives)

July 2000 (Marine Literature Review)

"Fuel Additive For All Reasons"

"CAL-5 diesel additive not only cleans sludge and algae from tanks but also lubricates O-rings, prevents corrosion throughout the system and dissolves varnish and other deposits from the injectors."

Southern Boating Magazine
October 2000

"Fuel-Tek's Marine CAL-5 is a multifunctional additive package designed to address fuel storage and handling problems. This product is a fuel stabilizer containing surfactants, non-ionic dispersants and organic combustion catalysts, the combination of which is formulated to discourage the growth of fungi, algae and bacteria."

Boating Industry International

September 2000

"Fuel-Tek's CAL-5 is specifically designed to address fuel storage and handling problems. This combination of ingredients creates an environment unsuitable for the growth of fungi, bacteria and algae."

WorkBoat Magazine

October 2000

"If this product did not save us money on fuel consumption, I would still use it because of the positive results to the internal components of our diesel engines."

Jeff Cherry
VP of Production

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"A friend of mine in Sarasota gave me a sample of the FUEL-TEK MARINE CAL-5 last year. I treated the fuel in my 3406-B 460 CAT powered 1993 Peterbuilt and headed North. By the time I got to Atlanta I thought I was driving a completely different truck. The fuel mileage has improved from 4.5 mpg to over 5.5 mpg and I can feel the added power while pulling grades. I have since purchased a different trailer. With this change and the use of Fuel-Tek my mileage has jumped to over 6.6 mpg. With the high fuel prices we are experiencing, the FUEL-TEK product continues to keep me profitable and more competitive. I have been in the trucking business for 35 years and I have never seen a product like this. Thanks!

Clyde Richards
C & A Richards Trucking
Bernvill, PA

"I know you've all seen the other fuel products on the shelf....and you're probably saying, "not another one!"
But forget the other guys, this stuff really works! It actually cleans your entire fuel system not just keep away microorganisms (fungi, algae, bacteria), which it does on an unparalleled level."

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"I have been using the Fuel-Tek CL-5 product for over a year. In addition to the increase in fuel mileage, I have also noticed an increase in power. Even with extended oil change intervals, oil analysis shows a decrease in soot and wear metals. My fuel filter stays so clean that I feel guilty when I change it although I have extended that replacement interval as well. The Fuel-Tek product has become an integral part of my preventative maintenance program. Thanks for a great product. It keeps me both profitable and competitive."

John Ullrich

Cross Plains, Texas

"Steve I just thought that you might like to know that the product that you are producing has made a signifigant and tangible reduction in the level of soot contamination of the crankcase oil.

I began using the "CL-5" additive, using your recommendation of 1 ounce to 40 gallons of fuel during the last week of December, 1999. Before beginning the use of your product I drained the crankcase, changed all the filters, and drew a sample of the drain oil for testing by a Caterpillar certified laboratory. This established a baseline number for comparison testing. I am running an extended drain interval of 40,000 miles using a major petroleum based oil. At the present time the engine has 310,000 miles on it and the oil analysis has consistantly reflected a reduction of 25 to 35% less contamination less than the baseline numbers established at the time that I began using your product. As I am running an extended drain interval of 40,000 miles soot contamination of the crankcase oil is a very important consideration.

At 201,000 miles, after using your product for approximately 1 year, the engine developed an exhaust manifold leak. Caterpillar resealed the manifold and at the time the work was done we were able to inspect the sleeves inside the exhaust runners. Generally the sleeves will have a build-up of 1/8th to 1/4 inch of carbon build up. We were quite surprised to find that the sleeves were only coated with a very light coating of soot. The coating was so small that it would have been impossible to measure.

One of the main considerations in the operation of a large bore diesel is exhaust smoke. I can reasure you without a doubt that the visible smoke during operation has been signifigantly reduced. I.E. Less visible smoke! A real plus in our increasingly stringent standards for exhaust opacity. As smoke is unburned fuel, I am very glad to be burning the fuel in the engine as opposed to blowing it out the exhaust!

Norm Hopkins

Phoenix, Az.

Bacteria, fungi, and algae in your boat's fuel system can halt her right where she floats and, if you're in big seas, put you in a precarious position.
Fuel-Tek has come up with a solution - literally - that will eliminate the growth of harmful contaminants and ensure a consistent fuel flow. A lack of activity between trips can result in water buildup in the fuel tank, enabling the growth of algae and slime, but Fuel-Tek's Marine CAL-5 breaks down water droplets so that they can be burned in the engine. Surfactants in CAL-5 remove sludge lying in the bottom of the tanks, and an "organic combustion catalyst" reduces carbon buildup, increasing fuel efficiency.

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Power & Motoryacht
August 2000 Issue

"As an engineer I must be precise about my work and appreciate thoroughness in others. Everything you have presented regarding this product and its performance has been easily verified either in writing or by phone. Our maintenance supervisor, Fred Puschmann, says CAL-5 is the best fuel product he has ever used for maintaining fuel quality in our dredges and cranes."

Fred Puschmann or
Charles F. Taylor
Chief Engineer

"Like many boaters I don't use my boat enough. Although my engines (twin CAT 3116-TA's) have low hours they were smoking and after each outing left a mess on the transom. My fuel was nearly a year old and my Racor's were beginning to plug up. I met Steve Davis at the FUEL-TEK booth during the 2000 St. Petersburg Boat Show. After hearing one of his repeat customers' "stories" of an old trawler and how the product performed, I decided to try it. I've used other fuel products before and assumed they were doing something although the soot was still there after every run.

Yesterday, now that I have run the Fuel-Tek CAL-5 product through the whole system for about ten hours, I came back from a typical three hour Gulf outing and there was no soot-Absolutely none. Just for kicks, I pulled the filter from my fuel system and even with one-year old fuel, it was as clean as a "hounds Tooth". I have no interest in this company other than being an extremely satisfied and slightly amazed customer."

Tony Leisner
43' Wellcraft
Portofino Cruiser
Tarpon Springs, FL

"On our dredge engine we have dropped our fuel consumption by two gallons per hour…a considerable savings. Our repair cost and downtime has also dropped considerably. Montgomery Sand Company plans in the future to use FUEL-TEK in all our existing equipment and any new equipment we may add."

Billy Snell
Plant Manager

"The City has experienced a decrease of particulates (black smoke) from our diesel equipment, mainly garbage trucks. Even with product cost we should see an approximate four (4) cents per gallon savings."

Charles R. Langley
City Engineer/Director of Public Works

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"My wife and I started using the Fuel-Tek CAL-5 product a year and a half ago at the recommendation of a friend with a 49' Grand Banks. Our 66' Choey Lee is powered by twin CAT 3306TA's and has a 2.000-gallon fuel capacity. Unless we are cruising, the fuel sits for extended periods. In the past we have had premature fuel filter failure due to contamination. After using the Fuel-Tek product I am happy to report that our filters stay clean. Even though I haven't changed them in over a year the fuel flows freely and I never pull a vacuum on the fuel system. We are leaving for an extended trip and will use well over 3,000 gallons of fuel. I wouldn't think of taking on fuel without first treating it with CAL-5."

Carl & Trisha White
Dayton Beach, FL

"I have been treating the fuel in our 49' Grand Banks Trawler with CAL-5 and it has solved all our fuel related problems. On our last trip (approximately 900 miles) the twin 3208 caterpillar engines performed better than ever and there was no sign of soot on the transom at the conclusion of the trip. In the 30 years I have been in the fuel oil business this is the only product I have used that solves all fuel related problems."

W.C. (Bill) Tweedle
"Conch Pearl"

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"I knew your product was good, I just didn't know how good until I ran out. I decided to use the old product I was using before, until I could reorder. That was a big mistake. Please send four cases. Send one ASAP."

Vernon Boido
Koloa, Hawaii

"I drive a Peterbuilt powered by a 600 H/P CAT 3406E 15.8 liter engine. I started using the Fuel-Tek CL-5 product in 1999. Although power has never been an issue I can say that I can see a major difference when I use it. On a recent trip I ran out of product and decided to give one of the well-known products, usually found at truck stops, another try. By the time I got home my fuel mileage had dropped by a half mile to the gallon. I have seen other benefits in addition to the improved fuel economy.

Since using the Fuel-Tek product I have logged over 456,000 miles without a single fuel filter related problem. A friend of mine, who also uses the CL-5 product, told me he thinks we are wasting money changing them-the filters stay so clean.

Recently I had to have an exhaust manifold gasket replaced at Dean Machinery, the CAT Dealership in Kansas City. While working on the engine the service technician shoved a rag into the exhaust ports, rubbed it around and the rag came out clean. He looked at me with a puzzled look and asked, "what have you been doing to this engine?" I replied, "nothing." He said, "I work on these every day and none look like this-you're doing something." Then I admitted that I had been using Fuel-Tek CL-5. He said, "if it does this, keep using it."

Eric & Pam Davis
Burlington Junction, MO

"I was given a bottle of your product by a friend who visited the Palm Beach Boat Show. It surpasses any other brand that I have used before. Here in East Africa the problem of keeping fuel clean of sludge is a constant battle. Thanks, and congratulations on an excellent product. CAL-5 is worth it's weight in gold."

Luke Samaras

Website: www.lukesamarassafaris.com

"My wife and I own a 1992 Carver 43' Aft Cabin Motor Yacht. We spend as much time on the Colombia River as possible.

At the beginning of the 2000 season we had the local Cummins Dealer send someone out to check the engines, change the oil, fuel filters, etc., and make sure we'd always come back. When he changed the fuel filters he found a lot of slime from fuel algae and signs of water in them. We have used a well-known diesel fuel additive for the last two years and thought everything was being cared for. We never suspected that we had a problem.

About that time I read an article in POWER & MOTORYACHT magazine about the new Fuel-Tek Marine CAL-5 fuel additive. I ordered a gallon of it to keep us going for a while.

We have put another 15 - 17 hours on our boat since we started using CAL-5. Our fuel filters are staying clean and I have noticed we don't have as much soot on the back of the boat as we used to. Now we get back to the dock safely and look good doing it. Thanks for a good product that actually does what it promises to do."

Dave & Roseann Robins
Sandy, OR

"As you may glean from the attached data, we averaged a 13.42% reduction in fuel usage. This increased fuel burning efficiency translates into fuel savings that cannot be ignored by this "Owner". "Our port Engineer Michael Larsen is both surprised and delighted with the performance of FUEL-TEK." Note: This is an exceptional improvement in fuel economy and while it did occur, it cannot be expected in all cases. (6% to 8% is common).

Glenn W. Lawrence

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"We have randomly removed injectors after 40,000 miles and have been continually impressed with their cleanliness. We did not replace one injector during the last season. Injector problems are a thing of the past. We have eliminated the smoking complaints as a result of cleaner running engines and the fuel sludge problem has vanished."

Steve O. Ogle
Service Center Coordinator

"I began adding FUEL-TEK C-5 at each fueling and I can report that the carbon build-up has decreased and my 1995 Peterbilt, 379 Cat engine has shown an increase of 1.0 mpg. Fuel-Tek has improved the engine performance in gaining a gear in pulling grades. The engine runs smoother and struggles less."

Dick A. Glaze

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"The test results provided after treatment with your product showed a dramatic improvement in fuel economy. For the amount of reduction in CO2 shown in this test, engine out data from converter efficiency testing would have been tremendous. The amount of CO2 reduction shown after treatment was very impressive. A measured fuel meter would also have shown a major improvement." (C-5 Test on Gasoline).

Ben W. Welsh
Emissions Lab Manager

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