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Pictured above are the founders of , Carol and Steve Davis. Carol, with a degree in business administration serves as the President and Chief Financial Officer. Steve, who was raised in the fuel business serves as the VP Technical and oversees product development, production, and marketing. They are with Lucy, Frisbie, and Beamer. (Mitzie is hiding somewhere in our web page, find her, send us an email, and we will ship you a special gift!)

Company History

is a Family owned Customer Driven Company that was founded in 1990 to investigate, develop, and market advanced, industrial strength, fuel efficiency products. Our first product was a commercial grade, concentrated, combustion Catalyst called C-5. This unique product can be used in all hydrocarbon fuels from gasoline to #6 oil, at the same treatment rate, to improve combustion efficiency.

After the introduction of low sulfur diesel fuel, for on road use in the early 90's, our Customers requested a product that would solve some of the problems associated with the new fuel. A new product was designed to protect engine components against wear and premature failure while retaining the same combustion characteristics of the original C-5. The result was the introduction of our CL-5 product.

Our next objective was to make both products more versatile by making them more concentrated, so that less product would be needed for large-scale treatment programs. The result was C-10 and CL-10. Both products have a hefty treatment ratio of 1:10,000. This allows the end user to reduce inventory space allocated to fuel treatment products.

Our next project was to develop a preventative maintenance product for long term storage and transportation of fuel and retain the combustion characteristics of the C-5 & CL-5. The product had to be effective at a 1:5,000 ratio so that it would match the treatment levels of our first two products. The result was the development of the CAL-5 fuel stabilizer product. After several field tests under demanding conditions we knew we had created "A NEW STANDARD IN FUEL PROTECTION." The new CAL-5 exceeded all of our expectations. Now what?

The photo above is of a R-85 Euclid Dump Truck powered by a 16-V92T Detroit Diesel.
After using Fuel-Tek C-5 Fuel Additive for approximately 900 hours there was a 9.4% reduction in fuel consumption.

After hearing stories about the "success" of the new CAL-5, our friends started using the product in their marine equipment. Before we knew it six of our friends were using the product on a regular basis in yachts ranging from 49' to 74'. The consensus was that it was the best product they had ever used and that we should make the product available to the consumer for marine applications.

Until then all of our products were available only to commercial customers. In the fall of 1999 we began the process of creating the MARINE CAL-5 product for consumer retail sales (It's hard to say no to your friends).

MARINE CAL-5 was introduced to the boating public at the Palm Beach Boat Show on March 23, 2000 and has been gaining loyal enthusiasts at a record rate. It's use has expanded to RV's, Diesel Powered Cars & Trucks, Emergency Generators, School Busses, Garbage Trucks, Mining Equipment and a host of other applications.

Since the introduction of our first product we have made many new friends. From time to time we meet and exchange success stories. We constantly receive E-mail, Faxes, and phone calls congratulating us for solving "their" problems.

We have come a long way in a short time. We look forward to the future. We are large enough to handle our customer's needs, yet small enough to offer the personal attention, respect, and flexibility that one expects from a family run business.

If you have questions about our products, give us a call. If you ask for Carol or Steve, chances are good that you are already talking to one of us. If you hear a bark in the background you will know that the rest of the family wants to help too.


Carol & Steve Davis

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