Product Description


C-5 & C-10

C-5 is a combustion manager that is formulated to address combustion side fuel problems. Its primary function is to cause a more complete burn of the fuel after the ignition cycle begins. C-5 contains vigorous multi-functional components, which act as deposit modifiers and combustion surface modifiers.

C-5 is a deposit and combustion surface modifier designed to prevent deposit build-up in internal combustion engines of all types. The deposit and combustion surface modifiers catalyze (reacts with) the combustion and removes existing deposits. This action also inhibits the formation of agglomerated particles (hard carbon deposits) in new engines. Benefits include: reduced smoking, increased power and performance, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, cleaner oil, reduced maintenance cost, reduced wear, and lower friction.

C-5 is designed for bulk fuel treatment in small-scale treatment programs. One gallon will treat 5,000 gallons of fuel. If used in individual vehicles the dosage rate is 1 fluid ounce to 40 gallons of fuel. Over treatment will not improve performance and is not cost effective. For this reason it is not recommended. However, over treatment will not cause harm. Even concentrations of 15 times the recommended level,will not cause harm provided

it is not allowed to continue for extended periods of time.

C-5 is intended for use in all hydrocarbon fuels from gasoline to #6 oil. Due to the unique nature and action of the active ingrediants the dosage rate is the same for all. This makes C-5 the best choice for fleets that have a variety of fuel uses with no existing fuel storage problems. C-5 is a combustion side burn rate modifier that promotes a clean and complete burn of all fuel in the combustion chamber. That is why it can be used in all fuel applications.

C-5 is recommended for stable fuels of all types where microbial growth (fuel algae) in the fuel storage tank, and low lubricity doe to low sulfer and low aromatics, is not a problem. If any of these problems exist or are suspected, other products such as CL-5 and CAL-5 are available. Please see the information on these products to choose the correct formula for your particular application. If you have any questions regarding the correct application of FUEL-TEK products, please call our toll free number and a company representative will be happy to assist you.

C-5 is also available in a more concentrated version and is designated C-10 (1:10,000 ration). C-10 is designed for large-scale treatment programs.

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