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Pictured above is one of two vessels tested in St. Thomas Virgin Islands in 1995 using the Fuel-Tek Marine CAL-5.

The test was arranged and conducted by Rob Gourley a Mechanical Design Engineer from Sarasota, Florida. The vessels were operated by Blue Lines. When the test was begun both vessels were changing fuel filters frequently due to sludge and smoking heavily. At the conclusion of the test (approx. 3 months) the fuel sludge problem had vanished and the engines had stopped smoking. Glenn Lawrence, the president of the company reported that the two vessels averaged a 13.42% reduction in fuel consumption. ( the average savings is usually in the 4% to 8% range)

Both vessels traveled the same routes each day with the same loads.

As you may glean from the attached data, we averaged a 13.42% reduction in fuel usage. This increased fuel burning efficiency translates into fuel savings that cannot be ignored by this Owner. Our port Engineer Michael Larsen is both surprised and delighted with the performance of FUEL-TEK. Note: This is an exceptional improvement in fuel economy and while it did occur, it cannot be expected in all cases. (6% to 8% is common).

Glenn W. Lawrence

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